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Docker Cloud is shutting down - what are the alternatives?

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Docker announced that they will shut down their Cloud services like node and application management (

What are your alternatives for container management?

I think Cloud66 will be a big winner of this decision, but they are a bit expensive for private projects (plans start at 49$ / month).

Other alternatives are Rancher ( or Portainer ( I don't have any experience with both tools.

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I've been working on a Docker Cloud alternative for awhile now.

I'm aiming for something that kind of balances the convenience of Heroku with the Docker experience. It's a little bit more opinionated than Docker Cloud because so you don't have to make as many decisions.

It's still in beta but if anyone wants to check it out it's at:

I'd love to hear what people think.


Why not those suggested in the post? Azure Container or ECS I mean.

You can also deploy Docker images to Heroku or Google Cloud.

Are they too expensive?


Zeit Now too

It seems many popular cloud hosts seem to work pretty well with Docker these days.


In the equivalent amount of time, I would be able to push and build the same image to Now 18 times. Time that's not spent building is spent on iterating on your product and sharing it with the world.

LOL! :-)

They are doing great work at zeit

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