Goodbye Mobile, Hello Web

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Native application development has recently been slowing down. The reason why is because mobile apps have lost their charm. It's no longer these hobbyist creating home-brew applications for themselves to use, but rather large industries pushing up any app they can possibly come up, containing a bunch of in-app purchases and ads to try and make a quick buck. There's no wonder people don't enjoy downloading apps anymore. We needed a shift in the app development world in order to bring that excitement back and the new Progressive Web App (PWA) technology is it.

PWAs are native applications that can run and be installed from the browser. This provides many benefits such as, allowing native apps to have browser plug-ins (ad blockers, privacy protection, ect), less storage, instant updates, + more. It's the first technology I've seen in a while where it brings back that home-brew nature into the app development world. Developers are now building really cool PWAs for themselves to use because of the added flexibility where it doesn't have go through the App Store / Google Play.

The biggest issue is find-ability, most people simply do not know what PWAs are and where they can be found. So the question is, well, where can they be found? Out pops the PWA Store, the store is a beautifully designed Progressive Web App whose sole purpose is to help people discover Progressive Web Apps.

PWA Store

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I firmly believe that PWAs will never replace mobile applications. There are just too many limitations of the browser. I think tools like Nativescript and Electron make much more sense for true applications, and websites will stay websites.

Just my two cents though.


But Who wants to install 100's of native apps and decrease the lifetime of mobile ? , it eats up your battery. I think Instead its good to prefer Websites or PWA , One Browser App can view them all.


IMO most native apps are virtually identical to users when deployed as PWAs. Certain applications, particularly those which rely on pushing the limits of consumer hardware, are better deployed as native apps. However, I'd be interested to see how this changes as WASM grows in popularity.
EDIT: We also need a better way of delivering PWAs, most users don't see the relation between adding a site to the home screen and installing an app


The benefit with web is the sky is the limit. The lack of restrictions + (native like performance & offline mode) would really benefit mobile apps. Once the technology matures and the browsers are more supportive I'm excited to see the change it will make in the industry.