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re: Great article! I agree with some of the points but Coding Bootcamp made a way for me to enter tech industry. All of my friends from the same Codin...

Hey, I also have another article on the top 5 reasons to go! I went to a coding bootcamp and really enjoyed my time there. It was definitely a straightforward way into the industry, and really fostered my interest in tech!

$2800 is really reasonable! What country are you from? I went to a bootcamp in San Francisco


Thats good to hear!
Wrote an article too almost a year ago on how I really feel when I enrolled in the bootcamp.

Yep, it is really reasonable for those who are based in the US.
I am from Indonesia and I can tell you that $2800 is a lot of money!
I browsed a lot of bootcamps outside my country and the prices are usually 5x or 10x here in Indonesia.

That totally makes sense - but it seems like the return on investment was worth it!

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