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re: I may have stirred that pot a little :-) Honestly: I don't believe there is a 'good reason' beyond "I want one" (and there is nothing wrong with th...

There is absolutely a good reason beyond I want one.

An iOS Swift developer needs a Mac. A web developer needs to be able to test both Desktop and Mobile Safari via Simulator.

I would argue that these are not wants for professionals in those respective fields.


The title says Web Dev, not iOS or Mac OS X dev, which at my point of view is the only reason for getting one.


I'd say you need OSX and that can run on a VM (or even something like this if you're really nerdy). In my mind the hardware has to be better than the competition, considering the price premium. Now that I think about it, I wonder if that touch bar thing had anything to do with this ... that wouldn't be out of character for Apple (no judgement intended)

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