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re: Every VS Code extension a JavaScript web developer should have in 2020 (with gifs!) VIEW POST


Auto Rename Tag has horrific performance issues and constantly caused my VS Code and other extensions to freeze or delay. This feature is baked into VS code in most templating languages now anyways!

See issues:


Yikes, thanks for the heads up! I have been noticing issues related to this lately, but didn't realize it was being caused by the extension itself. I've uninstalled it and updated the post.

I haven't seen VS Code natively auto-update corresponding tags in HTML files or JSX in React.js files, unfortunately. Would love to see this functionality without the performance issues.


Glad I could help! I literally had to disable extensions one-by-one to figure out it was this one giving me issues. If I can help prevent others from bogging down their VS Code I'll be happy.

Here is the native feature, not sure if it's as good as the extension, however.

Nice! Looks like this is was disabled in my editor for some reason. Probably was disabled when I installed the other extensions. Works great in .html files! Hopefully the VS Code team can do the same for React JSX soon too 🤞.

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