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Discussion on: Developer Portfolios as Inspiration ✨

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Mátyás Fodor

Adding mine to the pool of personal websites, I launched it the other day, pretty minimalistic atm, planning to add some games in the future:

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Allison Walker

The font color on dark mode is kind of harsh. You might want to tone it down a bit. I recommend not using pure black as a background color and removing the glow effect from the font. Maybe change the font color too.

There are only a few colors on the site: dark blue for font, white, pink. You can use color matching websites to find a coordinating color palette. Maybe use that dark blue font color as the dark background for the dark mode. I don't know, but try it out and see what works. Maybe also for the social icons...?

Also, since your website is mostly text, you might want to increase the font size. But try it out and see what works. The line length is great and the dark blue on the white is good on the eyes.

In one of your sentences, you replace the words coffee and croissants with emojis, but the following sentences you do not. I think you should be consistent and use the words, followed by the emojis after.

Also, is the mobile layout of your site what you want it to be? The day/night toggle kind of invades the headline text on mobile. It's also right-aligned, when everything else is centered. Something to think about.

There's not much on the site, so every design choice is more noticeable. I prefer minimal done well, vs too ambitious and there's too much going on.

If you add more to the site, I think you should not lose the white-space. It has a calming, considered effect.

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Firangiz Ganbarli Author

The look and feel of the website is great! If you add a few of your projects for more content, it will be ready to go, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!