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For the game developer audience, WebAssembly represents an addition to an already long list of supported target platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, Xbox, Playstation, …), rather than being a new original platform to which projects are developed from scratch.
From WebAssembly for Native Games on the Web

less disruptive and more another platform.

WebAssembly also brings the possibility of finally not "needing" the other platforms. All those platforms would have to do is ship an OS with a good browser and every game made well and with Gamepad API support would be available on every one of those platforms.

* I know that wouldn't happen for economic reasons, but you could still make platform exclusives with private keys and DRM etc.

Early on I think your asterisk remark is needed, but in the long long run it could be a realistic possibility.

That's the hope! 🤞🤞
The OS I want to make is actually very close to this idea with some little differences only because with some apps the web doesn't make sense everywhere, but still made with web tech

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