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Awesome list! I would add one more:

  • Humility: I've met many developers who think they already know everything. In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons that lead to being outdated and not growing professionally.

Damn, great point!

The colleagues I respect the most are the ones who are really smart but also humble - whatever
question you ask, they will take time and effort to make sure you've understood it. They're the kind of role models to look up for.


That kind of colleagues are super scarce and valuable!


A hundred times this :) the best devs I encounter are super humble. Massive egos are a red flag.


That's a very difficult one. It's often a conscious effort for me to take a step back and consider what others have to say about your work. But I do it. While I believe my work is the best, I make myself believe it's a different person who wrote it. There's me, the coder, and me, the reviewer. That make it easier to accept critics.


Good one! In my case, me, the reviewer is always yelling at me, the developer :D

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