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Discussion on: Convert array to object using reduce()

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Mauro Quinteros

Hi Melissa, I'm going to try to explain to you what's happening in that part of the code.

const initialValue = {};

// result is the accumulator that will store all the data in the array.
// its initial value is an empty object that is indicated in the second parameter
// of the reduce function (initialValue variable)
const convertToObject = (result, item) => {
  // item is an object that has label and color properties
  const language = item.label;
  const color = item.color;

  // this returns everything that has the result so far thanks to the spread 
  // operator and adds the new pair.
  return {
    // this's a spread operator
    // here, we assign the new key-value pair
    [language]: color,

const palette = list.reduce(convertToObject, initialValue);
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I hope you have understood me!

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Melissa Heying

Oh I see it! That was very helpful. Thank you for spending the time to explain it!

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Mauro Quinteros

You're welcome, I'm also starting in web development. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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Mehul Lakhanpal Author

Thanks Mauro for the explanation