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Discussion on: What is your perception on Meteor in 2019?

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Marcus Vinícius

Sad that the survey ended, just adding an opinion from 2020. kkk

Meteor is more alive than ever!

Educationally speaking, it is a perfect ecosystem for training junior developers. Knowing the basics of web development, which includes javascript, you will be able to program. Even if you don't know what it's like under the hood, you will do countless projects.

Not for junior developers and small projects only, I find it interesting and functional for large projects, with solid and fluent javascript teams.

Specifically talking about Blaze, which is just part of Meteor. I believe it is alive and functional. What is missing is third party packages to cause frisson in the community.

In other projects I write in react too, and with the concepts of data flow and componentization that React led me to learn, I can design and analyze great applications with Blaze.