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Spot on. Self discipline and consistency beats motivation every time.

I had some serious problems with this in the past. I relied solely on motivation to get stuff done which lead to me getting nothing done.

I think I learned it about 5 years ago when I started going to gym because I needed to lose some weight. Back then I was about 120kg and lazy person who could barely get anything done.

Gym taught me a great deal of self discipline and later on allowed me to get forward with my life. I managed to go down from 120kg to 80kg.

From that experience I learned that I can do a lot more if I just stay consistent and have some self discipline. After realizing that I applied into a school and got in. I got my bachelor's degree in less than year and a half while working full time and still managed to practice programming for about 1000 hours during that time.

It was a real busy year and a half but it got me what I really wanted: a job as a software engineer.

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