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Discussion on: Do you have any energy and time for your personal goals after a full day of work at your job?

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Arto Tukki

I usually do have the energy mainly because I exercise a lot. I hit the gym four times per week and do two aerobic workouts on top of that. It is easy for me to say that because a few years ago I didn't exercise at all and had no energy. Staying active seems to give me a lot of energy in return.

What I don't have that much is time. On top of my work and gym, I try to blog, write short stories and do some programming as well. Not to mention that I try to spend as much time with my wife as possible. Of course, I try to maintain some kind of social life, too.

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Ilona Codes Author

Thank you for the answer! You do the right thing 🙂

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Karen Amicone

Keep up the good job! I identify with you, and is true: staying active gives lots of energy :D