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Discussion on: What are your programming goals for 2017?

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Maxi Cilauro

First of all, the thing I want to do the most this year is to go to meetups and conferences. I never used to go, but I went to my first one recently and realised how much I was missing out. It is a great place to meet new people, find out about other meetups or events and keep track of up-to-date technologies.

I never contributed to OS, so I want to do this as well. I don't know if I will come up with a great piece of code that will help many people, but I want to do this mostly to keep myself practicing and to be involved in a project that is my own.

I loved Ruby since the first line of code I wrote, but as I work as a Front-end dev, I didn't make any progress in learning Ruby, so I really want get better at it.

Also, as I am a language lover, I feel like lately I haven't been putting enough effort in getting better in the languages I already know (English and Japanese, my native is Spanish), and I also want to learn a new one, I am between portuguese and norwegian.

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