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re: Great thread! Would love feedback on my portfolio as I am currently breaking into software development. Thanks!

Nice job overall! I was looking at the mobile site on Chrome on a Galaxy S8+, large screen. Your portfolio is clean, clear, to the point. Here are a few small things that might help make it better.

  1. I think your link is missing the http://, because it links to a subdomain of

  2. The social media icons are covered up by the background photo (sorry - my screenshot doesn't seem to want to attach). I'd space them out and give them a background.

  3. I wouldn't say you're "looking to break into" your "first job". It just makes you seem less experienced and more junior than you are. I'd describe what kind of work you do, and what kind of jobs you're looking for, rather than emphasizing that this is your first job. Google "don't say junior developer" for more advice on this.

  4. This is personal preference, but your project cards lead to the GitHub repos. This is great, but are these projects also deployed anywhere? It might be nice to have the live links alongside the code for less technical recruiters or anyone that might want to see your work live.

Again, nice job! Hope this helps :)


Thanks Max! All great points -- will loop into the icons and having project cards link to live versions of the site (as well as framing my experience in a more positive light). Appreciate the feedback!

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