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A feature upgrade for the dev platform πŸ’‘

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Little curious (11 Part Series)

1) How does dev.to choose which post should be on the top? 2) Is PHP Dying? 3 ... 9 3) Have you ever used COBOL? 4) What is a project, you are really proud of? 5) If you were a recruiter, what would be your recruiting criteria? 6) What are the weird things people ask you, when they comes to know you are a developer? 7) What is your favourite operating system? 8) What is the best Node.js template engine? 9) A feature upgrade for the dev platform πŸ’‘ 10) What rest API authentication method do you prefer? 11) What is the new tech stack you learned during Quarantine?

Lately, I have been noticing lot's of spam (or useless) posts on the dev platform, mostly from the new users, who make random posts, like this one:

Since they make no sense, so why can't we delete all of such posts and instead we can provide a custom "welcome post and introduce yourself" type posts in the write a post editor and that too only for the first time(if the user clears it or publish the welcome post or any other post, it won't be visible afterwards and only an empty editor like what we will be visible).

How this will help?

  1. It will remove all the spam post
  2. Users can publish a post about his intro and can be familiar with writing and posting.

What do you think?πŸ€”


markdown guide

Stack overflow provides a feature where there is a limit on number of characters which determine if a question can be asked or not. If there is a limit on the lower limit it can help reduce a lot of such posts.


Perfect, even this can be implemented.

@ben I want your suggestion.