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Cracking the coding interview of Google and others tech gaints.

mayankjoshi profile image mayank joshi ・1 min read

TLDR is your secret weapon to crack those interviews.

I will try to keep it short and to the point.

Working at Google or any other tech giant like Facebook, Dell, Microsoft etc. is every developers dream. I too had one.

And finally I have the opportunity to live it. I made it into Dell, as SD2 and will be working on designning microservices and distributed architecture.

How I did it?

Algorithms and system design is all they look for.

Resources to follow

I would recommend everyone to buy Cracking the coding interview book and following to prepare your data structure and system design part.

Nlogn is website to help you prepare for coding interviews for free. I am talking a lot about it, because it is designed by me and two of my other friends who got selected for Google. We have designed (and working hard daily) to push as much as interview preparation material as possible and that too without paying a penny.

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