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What are the weird things people ask you, when they comes to know you are a developer?

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Little curious (11 Part Series)

1) How does choose which post should be on the top? 2) Is PHP Dying? 3 ... 9 3) Have you ever used COBOL? 4) What is a project, you are really proud of? 5) If you were a recruiter, what would be your recruiting criteria? 6) What are the weird things people ask you, when they comes to know you are a developer? 7) What is your favourite operating system? 8) What is the best Node.js template engine? 9) A feature upgrade for the dev platform 💡 10) What rest API authentication method do you prefer? 11) What is the new tech stack you learned during Quarantine?

Certain times it happens with me, when someone from non CS background comes to know I am a software developer, they ask me weird questions like:

  1. Can you hack Facebook?(Literally I find this hilarious 😂😂)
  2. Can you break my phones pattern/password.
  3. WiFi is not working in my phone, can you please check?
  4. Can you design app like Instagram?
  5. Can you design a game for me?
  6. Why my phone is slow, can you please check?
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Hahah they ask if I’m a hacker 😂, I think most devs can relate.


oh I get calls like that really, I am totally relating with you lol, it is hilarious, I don't even use Linux lol to start with... hahahaha :)


They offer me 50/50 equity to help them build an app that'll make us rich.


Help them build the app with all top class features. 😂😂

Getting rich has never been this easy.

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