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What according to you is the difference between Website and Web App?

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Brandin Chiu

The primary difference between the two is how they are used.

A website is static, or mostly-static. It contains information, and that information will typically only flow in one direction: from the page to you.

A web app is dynamic. It responds to input from the user and is interactive. What you do on the page changes its behaviour.

A great example of a website is Wikipedia.

A great example of a web app is Facebook.

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Ian bradbury

I would add to this definition..... That web apps adapt to the device being used. By this I don't mean that the format reflows to suit the size of screen. The interface and functionality should adjust to best suit the consuming device. Example : PC and Mobile / Mouse hover zones are replaced with an alternative interface for touch interfaces.

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erica (she/her)

This is a great way to put it!

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Hemant Joshi 😼

Websites are like multiple pages like Html sites.

But Web apps are something you call SPA like built-in React, we use react-routers to route our app.

In react the full apps loads and then you can navigate through the pages, but in HTML the loading happens for each nav.

This is what I know possibly I could be wrong but this is what I know

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Websites are created to serve information, like a portfolio, or any company website.
Web apps are created to serve some purpose, like Google docs is used for editing documents and sharing that document with multiple users, working on them together. Other example of a web app can be Trello, which is a To-do application.
A Web app can be a part of a website like chat system inside any website is an application inside that website.
So web apps are used for interaction between multiple users(like google docs or google meet or WhatsApp Web), or to get any other work done.
Any web app be different according to the purpose they want to serve but a website is only created to serve information.

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Ulisses Cavalcante

In my opinion the most significant difference its the level of interaction that user can have to each one, and ability to adapt to used device

  • high interaction and adaptability its webapp
  • prΓ© formated content and fixed layout website.
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Nicolas Frankel
  • Webapp: when users can write data
  • Website: when they can't