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Github is bursting with features, it's always good to revisit some favourites!

One thing that is important to keep in mind about the pull request suggestion feature: be careful if you have any sort of commit message linting (either in relationship with a semantic versioning system or just for the sake of standardization), I had to amend commit histories more than once after accepting a suggestion too hastily and using the default commit message.

While it's a useful feature for quick fixes, being able to disable it on a per-project basis could definitely save some headaches.


Totally agreed. I'd only use it for really small things that I'm confident won't result in a broken build.

I don't know that I'd disable it though. If you've got GitHub linked to a CI platform then in the worst case it should result in a single broken commit.


True for the single broken commit, I'm just very averse to any variation of manual rebasing to be honest. In reality, fixing a broken commit history is actually a pretty straightforward process.

I wish that something like a user-defined commit message regexp could be set for repos though, it's a crude guardrail that could catch that kind of stuff.

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