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Discussion on: How Does Getting an AWS Certification Change Your Career?

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Michael C Cook Sr.

Certifications don't mean anything.

They HELP. For sure. But, just because you have a certification, does not mean that you're automatically the type of asset a company is looking for. Sometimes it comes down to attitude and qualities, maybe even relentlessness.

Convincing people is the art of persuasion... having a certification to shut down the persuasion process can open the door to the certified... but often times, readily using the basis of being certified to 'trust' an individual results in things like "$1T of identity theft/cyber criminal activities occurred in 2019", as stated by the guy that runs Microsoft (CEO Satya Nadella @ Microsoft Ignite 11/4/2019).

I don't know about you... but it sure seems like 'certifications' need to be vetted just as much as anyone who does not have certifications. When you're certified and you know someone will automatically hire you... well, it could result in hiring a trojan horse.

It's not that certifications aren't helpful, they are. But to who ...?

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