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Discussion on: How do you take CS and programming notes?

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Matt Curcio

I had a organic chem. professor who said that one can learn 'up through your arm.'

I learned a lot of chemistry by handwriting things over and over again until I got it right.

And there is research to back it up:

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Firangiz Ganbarli Author

Oh that is so true, I fully relate to it. I am just a very messy note taker, so when I cannot look over my notes later and understand it, I am discouraged.

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Matt Curcio • Edited

I totally understand. I am also a VERY messy notetaker. I have come up with several methods to help. I write in large print. Writing carefully in small tight print is simply beyond my 'bear-claw' like paw. So I use three work-arounds.

  1. I use 'One-subject' note books. The spiral wire bound ones and write as large as a I want. I don't worry about crowding things together.
  2. I use LARGE drawing tablets. An artist friend turned me on to this... Go to your local art supply store and look for Large 'Newsprint' pads. (Like this) They have 18 inch by 24 inch pads for $5-15. Here again I write as big as I want and tape them to the wall if I want to refer back to them.
  3. Don't show your work to others. 'This is my work and mine alone'. It reduces my embarrassment.