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Microsoft is now backing Linux after decades of demonizing and trying to destroy it, because it runs the entire internet and Microsoft lost. How's that for economically viable? Just figured you wouldn't want to sound so foolish going forward.


Except for the fact that pure open source projects without backing of such big commercial companies often die after the developers lose interest or the time to maintain it next to their commercial jobs to make a living. Not that it can't be done but it definitely cannot be the only way to do it.

Closed source projects die too. G+ anyone? Internet explorer?


But it does not change the even big open source projects are struggling, for example, Docker, and Docker is a big one.


Just figured you wouldn't want to sound so foolish going forward.

I have not spent much time in these discussions, so I am unfamiliar with the customs here. But your comment sounds very much like the kind of personal attack that is unwelcome in many civilized communities.


Business speaking, Microsoft is backing Linux, not the opposite.
In fact, Microsoft is part of the Linux Foundation, ergo Microsoft is part of the ownership of the Linux Foundation. Even Linus was almost ousted from his own foundation.

Linux is gaining the server market yes, but with a free product. At the end of the day, only a few companies profit-generating Linux distro, one of them is Redhat but hey, it was purchased by IBM (sneaky IBM). We have Ubuntu but Ubuntu is not truly open source.

It's funny how some Linux community talks about open source and free. I understand it. But Microsoft talks another language: money.

Also, Microsoft IS STILL DEMONIZING LINUX. Microsoft hasn't freed some licenses either has it stopped suing Linux companies.

Is Microsoft an evil company?. Truly it is, but it is sustainable. You can look at RedisLab or MongoDB Inc.

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