re: 15 must-know JavaScript array methods in 2020 VIEW POST


This post could be called just "15 must-know JavaScript array methods". No need the "in 2020".


I think "in 2020" is more fun. No, I'm kidding. I will update the title next week to not limit it in "2020" only. Thanks for your comment


Leave it. It helps with the SEO and, if anything, it will show first for beginners when they search for it. It's an important article and the 2020 really doesn't hurt anyone


I don't think these methods were really necessary in 2019, but now? Can't do without them.


I totally agree. We hear more and more functional programming in JavaScript world. And using some of these methods makes sense because they manipulate the array in an immutable way.


I'd say they were necessary in 2018 and possibly even earlier. All these "in 2020" articles are clickbait in my opinion.

This is your opinion, and I fully respect it. However, I've added "in 2020", to just make this article easy to find for beginners. And also knowing these methods is relevant for 2020, in my opinion, because most of them introduce you to functional programming.

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