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I love this. And there are so many HTML elements that we could use that would obviate the need for Javascript, I hope this helps push that discussion forward.

E.g., we have an HTML datepicker now, but we're unable to easily style it. On Twitter a while ago Lea Verou (at least I think it was her?) advocated for a standardized autocompleting country dropdown, which sounds like a fantastic idea. We've been building web apps for over 20 years now, and at this stage there's a pretty rudimentary set of standard components, and we there are many for which having a styleable native component is long overdue.

And all of this doesn't even address accessibility, which almost always works better with native elements vs. Javascript-built components.

In fact, it sort of seems like most things that have role attributes for a11y (e.g., modal dialogs) should have their own HTML elements by now.


I just found out about the datepicker a few months ago. I was incredibly happy to ditch JS for that.

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