Filter tags in feed?

mdev88 profile image Martín Vukovic ・1 min read

Is there a way to NOT show posts that contain certain tags. In my case it would be #javascript because I don't use Javascript, I don't like Javascript, I don't care about Javascript, I don't want to learn about Javascript, I already know what I need to know about Javascript, I know it has weird inconsistencies, and 1 in 3 posts here is about Javascript, so...



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If you go to dev.to/dashboard/following_tags you should be able to adjust the weight of tags 😀


NICE, I missed that! Thanks!


Yeah, it's a bit hidden out of the way.

I believe I've seen Ben mention that they're working on making it less hidden, but not urgently.


Just to be clear, I should first follow the tag I don't want to see, and then change it's weight to 0 ?


Yup, -10 and it says "Anti follow ", cool cool cool


Honestly, I've not used it - but that would make sense to me!