re: What's your thought on the global top menu as seen on MacOs and previous Unity DE. Do you like it? If not why? VIEW POST

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I like it!

I have used various Microsoft offerings for many years, and the menu is in a different place, or has a different layout, or doesn't appear unless you press and release the Alt key. Or there is a ribbon (don't get me started on that).

Linux GUIs are all very well, but they differ radically between each window manager and even between different versions of the same window manager.

macOS has been consistent (although some may say boring) for decades. Menu at the top - you always know where to find it, Preferences is always in the same place, xxx - Quit is always in the same place, very easy to help people, especially the less computer-literate, by simply drawing their attention to the menu bar at the very top of the screen - always.


yes, also it saves some much important space which is much needed for notebooks.

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