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Discussion on: RANT: Skype for Business Mac

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One of our clients has standardised on Skype for Business for their communication, and being good vendors, we have tried to use it to contact them for weekly conferences during a large project.

It has never connected first try. Sometimes it will connect second try. Sometimes third try. Several times we could not connect at all. Dropouts occur regularly. On a couple of occasions they have given up on it altogether and just placed an overseas phone call to us instead.

I tried to use it to contact one of their devs to share his desktop to help with configuration. It simply would not connect properly. Nearly half an hour of trying and retrying and reconnecting and it Just. Did. Not. Work. We eventually restored to standard Skype, but the screen sharing on that did not work either. In the end I talked him through what to click on as I could see his screen but not control it.