want to come back and build a new portfolio

I worked online as a freelancer during my 4 years of college and delivered few hundreds of gigs/services, I am a LAMP stack developer, I want to work after 2 years of no coding, I want to build a good portfolio as a junior backend developer ASAP.

what advice do you have for me?

how to make a good portfolio as a backend PHP developer in order to land a job in my city "Cairo"?

quantity or quality in the number of projects?

how to find small/easy project or repositories to read/replicate and learn from it, I want projects that are well written and design pattern oriented? how to find it?

Thanks in advance

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I would suggest that you get up-to-speed with the latest trends and technologies. See if PHP is what you should be doing or want to do, etc. Get clear on what your goals are as well as come up with an action plan.

Once you learn the tech you want to work with, build your portfolio in it to get some practice/experience. Also, try to find some work through family/friends and get the word out. Get out to local meetups & talks to find potential work.

Your portfolio can reflect all the projects you've worked on as you do them. However, I think you need to answer a couple of questions first - do you really want to work with PHP and is there a niche that you would like to target?

This takes time and you need a good plan. In the meanwhile, work on your skills and at a job applying these skills while you do this on the side at first.

Hi Nick, Thanks for your reply,

no, I will not stick with PHP forever, I am interested in other languages like Python and Go but I don't have any experience with it, unlike PHP so my plan is to use what I know in order to "start". and acquire new skills for side projects until I am good enough to work with the new languages... I need to pay some bills

I will consider your advice, Thanks

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