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I think you should be using for(let color of colors) not for(const color of colors). What do you think !?


In most case let and const are almost same, the only difference I known, const cannot be updated but let can.

Let use this example for demonstration

  const colors = ['purple', 'black', 'yellow', 'aqua'];

 // const

 for(const color of colors) {
    color = 'white';
    console.log(color);  // Uncaught TypeError: Assignment to constant variable.

 // Let

 for(let color of colors) {
    color = 'white';
    console.log(color);  // white white white white

Yes i agree with you on that, but i think that’s a miss use of const because inside the loop the variable color is changing at each iteration.

When use const in for of loop, in each iteration you get a new variable, which is scoped only to that iteration.

I use let only when i want to modify variable's value.

In below example you can't use const because the value of variable is modified by increment one until the condition is false.

  for(let i = 1; i < 3; i++) {
    console.log(i); // 1 and 2

In below example, the constant variable(random) hold each values of that array.

  for(const random of ['a', 'b', 1, 2]  ) {
    // Here it print values that held by constant random without modify it
    console.log(random); // a b 1 2

Remember, to be constant does not mean to hold only single data. const can also hold list of data. Good example is array.

 // Here constant colors is holding two color
 const colors = ['purple', 'black'];

 // First color is purple
 console.log(colors[0]); // 'purple'

 // Second color is black
 console.log(colors[1]); // 'black'
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