VS Code Plugin for previewing README files before pushing to the repo

meqdaddarweesh profile image Meqdad Darweesh ・1 min read

Hi folks,

Recently, I've tried some plugins to preview the README files in my editor before committing and pushing my files to the repository.

I'm working on VS Code, so I you've tried any efficient plugin for that, kindly tell me it's name so I can look for.

Thanks in advance.


Editor guide

I'm having a video on my youtube channel about markdown files and demo for creating github new profile level readme file feature!


Thanks Vuelancer,

I've subscribed to your channel, and I'll check that.


Thank you for your support dude!



Simply press command (or control) + k then V code.visualstudio.com/docs/languag...



Nice, its easier than downloading a plugin.
I've read the documentation you mentioned, so helpful.

Thanks Erwan