re: Have you ever quit a job without anything else lined up? VIEW POST


Over and over again.

I quit my stained-glass job in 2007 to go back to university.
I quit my librarian job (like @DavidWickes) in 2010 to move to London (during the financial crash) to work in the art market (didn't pan out as you could expect).
I quit my marketing job in 2018 to learn web development.

France makes it easier than the US to do so. When you work long enough, you can apply to some kind of basic assistance. It's really useful to make transitions work between jobs.

Since I've moved from stained-glass to libraries, to art galleries, to startups... the market demand is more in my favor each time. So I feel confidant I'll be able to land on my feet (or maybe I'm just nuts).

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