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What is stopping you from completing that side-project?

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I think being a creator is at the core of what it means to be a developer, and unfortunately most jobs don't allow for much of a creative outlet.

What sort of side-projects are you hoping to finish this year and what are some roadblocks in your way?

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Time is the biggest blocker for me, I'm out of the house for 12 hours a day for work and travel. Around that time I need to cook, eat, wash, spend time with the kids / family etc.

By the time I sit down for a side project and finish installing all the mac, IDE and composer/npm/pip updates, I'm too tired to continue on it 😕


I've been trying for years to motivate myself to redo my web site (backend, frontend and admin). Either I'm too tired, prefer to watch paint dry or, when I do sit and work on it, I end up spending my time fighting with the toolset and not getting anything done.


What sort of toolsets are giving you grief?


A mix of things. .NET Core (mostly tamed), Vue.js and other JavaScript stuff. I kind of gave up trying to use that under VS and trying VS Code and WebStorm. But I haven't touched that in a few weeks. I needed to take the brain offline during the holidays.

I've also made the switch to VS Code. There are some limitations but it runs so much faster.

As far as losing the drive to code, I find that when I have even the smallest motivation to write code the best thing for me to do is to lean into it. Ride that wave until it's gone! And then don't feel bad when you walk away for a week or two. Also having a team can help a ton. I built an app over the course of a year with 2 friends. Just having someone with you can sometimes keep you motivated.


I am planning on porting a game project I started from XNA to Unity. I've tried this several times.

The largest issue I keep hitting is I'm getting wrapped up in the coding
aspect and learning more about the tool rather than focusing on the project.

What I liked about XNA was the code only approach since I'm a developer first. However, I am not aware of many platforms that still support it and it's a pain getting it up and running on newer computers hence the move to Unity. Also since Unity is a popular tool with more support currently.

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