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I'm in a more or less unusual situation in that I live literally across the street from work. My "commute" is a 5-min walk (most people walk longer to get to transit or to their parking spot at work), so short that, if the weather doesn't suck I usually go for a walk before coming to work.

Still, I do work from home on occasion. There are days where I estimate I easily did the equivalent of three work days at the office by working one day at home. That's especially true when working on something that requires your full focus.

I thought I would be too distracted working from home but quickly found out that it's usually not the case. Also, being an introvert there are days where I need to recharge and not be around people. Working from home comes in handy.

Some days I find that it's just not working or, as happened a few weeks ago, my Internet connection went down in the middle of the day. Then I just grab my laptop and go to the office across the street. :D


If you have a possibility to work partially remote that's a great solution! :)

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