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For me, and many of the places I worked at, what we looked for in candidates were those who were passionate about learning and discussing what they know. Quite a few times I have found self-learners to be more excited about learning and trying new things than someone who has gone through the degree process. There are many on both sides, but no need to cut yourself short. I can find just as many CS grads who think they know all and don't put in the time to learn anymore more than they need, as I can those who are grads and those who are self-taught that will spend the time necessary to keep their skills up.

Sometimes the rejection can be a blessing so you can learn from it, I had plenty of rejections before getting a sure foot on my path. You just keep trying and learning and as you get better you will be more in demand.


Awesome encouragement Michael, thank you for your support 💖

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