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We actually do pretty well where I am with the wellness culture, most of it is driven from corporate management as well, not just the engineering groups which are small in comparison to the overall company.

  • we have financial/legal advice as needed
  • mindfulness seminars, training videos
  • discounts to health insurance/reimbursements for doing metabolic screenings, showing activity with fitness trackers and so on
  • community service time
  • opportunity to wfh as needed
  • no shaming
  • counseling for self and family
  • ergonomic chairs and electronic desks (that adjust to whatever level you need)
    • on my first week there was actually an ergonomic training course we had to go through and pass

  • multiple monitors

  • free fruit a couple times a week

  • on site gym and showers (though the gym isn't the fanciest its adequate)

That's just off the top of my head

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