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My boys 13 & 8 yo play a bit too much at times. When my oldest needed a laptop for school in addition to the iPad that Middle School required, my idea of no electronics in the bedroom kind of died. I like them to do physical things as well, play something other than iPad/phone games or Roblox which seems to be their new passion. I have tried logic, coding games like Robot Turtle in the past. That worked well.

I have sent them to after school coding classes, made comments about how they could make their own games if they enjoy "that" game so much. At times those comments fall on deaf ears. I push them as much as I can, and pull some outside activities as well - my oldest is in Boy Scouts and I have become my youngest son's Cub Scout Master and they do like the camp outs, plus the Merit Badges require work to complete. So they get additional exposure to things that peak an interest, and the work makes them have to really get into a subject and no superficially.

When I can include tech I do, when it gets an eye roll I stop.

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