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Markus Hatvan Author

Hey perpetual . education,

thank you for asking these questions, let's clear it up:

Yeah, a classic JAMStack project is a thing, because JAMStack follows certain conventions, otherwise it would not be qualified as a JAMStack project.

For WordPress, there is no coding knowledge necessary, because you can do 99% of things with plugins and tutorials, but ofc coding knowledge helps with fixing issues or adding features yourself.

I wouldn't disqualify Wix as trash since there is a user base for everything out there, it just might not be your thing.

A Wix person would have no idea about JAMStack, that is true, this article acts as a high level overview of what you could use, depending on what your skill set and background is.

I totally understand your reasons for using WordPress, it makes sense. Using it as headless CMS like you described is also a cool idea!

Yes, that is my personal website, you can read all my blog posts (not all coding related) here: markushatvan.com/blog