1st time using Handlebars.js with SCSS togheter: How do you manage folders?

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Hello everyone,

A small question here.

I got my first work in tech as UI/UX but they also want me to build the front-end...

They wanted me to learn Handlebars.js which I have never used before, but now I am doing and I like it a lot.

There's only one thing that bothers me, the folder architecture.

When I work on colors & fonts and Wicked Templates I don't use Handlebars.js, only SASS.

My question is how does it look you architecture regarding this folders?

I want to know what is a productive and comfortable way to have the folders.

This is how I would have it.




|---------->images ( if needed )















               |-----------_sidebar.scss ( if needed )






               |-----------_forms.scss ( if needed )








Thank you so much.


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HELLO. I am a self-taught front-end developer & UI designer from Spain/Italy, currently living in the Åland Islands, Finland.


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Personally, If I work with sass, then usually I have also webpack and a dist/build folder. For development, I do have a quite similar structure as yours, I have. But I can't put here because dev.to uses garbage markdown instead of real editor :P


It's fine man, no worries. I am not allowed to change it anymore..
But thank you so much !