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9 tools & resources that I use while building & designing a website.

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Hello everyone!

Long time I haven't made a post, because Jesus Abril and I are working on our side project, but I wanted to share this because maybe it can help you too.

Most of them you probably know, but maybe some do not this 9 tools.

Let's have a look.

1 VS Code

Well, before using VS Code I was using Adobe Brackets, and there was nothing moving me from there. I tried plenty of time but now I ditched Adobe Brackets for good. My config is just very simple, to see the JSON File on a Gist here.and feel free to download it
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2 Bulma

Bulma is one of my favourite CSS frameworks. Is just very quick to build with.
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3 Tailwind

Tailwind is Tailwind.....
Alt Text

4 Colors & Fonts

Putting Colors & Fonts here is so BS because I have built it, but I did it for a reason. I really wanted to have some colour and typography resources without going nowhere.
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5 Tabler Icons

I am using Tabler Icons on our side project, they are stunning, and the fact that I don't have to go and adjust the stroke on Figma it saves me a lot of time.
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6 CSS Icons

I am also using CSS.gg in some other stuff, but I used a couple for the cards on ouy project.
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7 Figma

Figma, without Figma I wouldn't have built Colors & Fonts because it all started making colour palettes...
Alt Text

8 Hoverify

I use Hoverify since the very first day I was able to, when I work on Figma, instead of going to my projects folder, use the color picker, also if I am doing some tests on the site I use the CSS inspector.
Alt Text

9 Lottie Files

Lottie files are super cool I have used them two of my side projects.
Alt Text

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HELLO. I am a self-taught front-end developer & UI designer from Spain/Italy, currently living in the Åland Islands, Finland.


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What exactly is Hoverify for? The features sound exactly like what the Firefox dev tools already provide?

For CSS/Component frameworks, I ended up going with Fomantic UI (a fork of Semantic UI), but I did at first also consider Bulma. The reason I went with Fomantic was that the Framework I used also by default uses it :)

Editors, well, that one really is a matter of taste :) Shameless plug here for Spacemacs.


Hey Daniel !
Well I use hoverify because it saves me time, a lot.

As an example, in my case, when I changed the colors on my newsletter from the default to the actual one I want it to be an exact color that I am using so where else.

So instead to open the project look for the hex code or open Figma, then the folder and look for the hex code i jist open the extension and use the color picker.

There's more features but,I rather let the readers see it. Other wise this becomes an ad...

Did not saw Fomantic before it looks pretty neat.

Never tried Spacemacs, I will give it go it sounds promising.


I am new to Web development :).

That's was really helpful ☺️


Oh, that's cool. Are you enjoying it?

There's obviously more than this shortlist, but Is a small workflow that helps me wonders.


Of course I do!

I work as a full time Back-end software engineer, and I practice on my own in web dev!

That's the spirit Aristotemis!


Great! Thanks for sharing this valuable content


Thanks Mike for the list. I didn't play with Lottie files yet.


Hello. This looks like a nice list! One question, do you use both Bulma and Tailwind at the same time? :)

EDIT: Spelled Bulma correctly :D


Hey, no. You should deffinately not do that.
It will make no sense and you will find conflicts on the classes.