Cover image for COLORS & FONTS dark mode won't hurt your eyes anymore. Hopefully.

COLORS & FONTS dark mode won't hurt your eyes anymore. Hopefully.

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Hello everyone,

I have changed the layout for the color pickers and typography tools on.

I also made a better dark mode. It is still dark, but it won't be too dark that is difficult to read.

What will you find?


  • Color palettes.
  • Color gradients.
  • Color contrast.
  • Material colors.
  • Tailwind colors. ( will update soon with new colors ).
  • Web safe colors.
  • Color converter.


  • Variable fonts.
  • Font pairings. ( will update soon with new fonts )
  • Glyphs.


  • Resources for designers.
  • Resources for developers.
  • HTML Reference.
  • CSS Reference.

On the color tools you can:

  • Copy the whole color style.
  • Copy one single color.
  • Copy the CSS

On the typography tools you can:

  • Copy the import tag.
  • Copy the CSS.
  • Preview and edit font pairings.
  • Download the variable font.
  • Copy the CSS declaration for the variable font.
  • Copy glyphs.

On the resources you can:

  • Find resources for developers.
  • Find resources for designers.
  • Find HTML reference.
  • Find CSS reference.

Remember that you can copy the colors on Figma, Framer and Github.

The links are on the landing page.

There is also a newsletter that I send Tuesdays to get resources on your inbox. Free and without the need of subscribe.

The newsletter.

The website.

Thank you for reading if you want to talk just do it here in the comments or hit me up on ###Twitter.com/mike_andreuzza

Have a great day everyone


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HELLO. I am a self-taught front-end developer & UI designer from Spain/Italy, currently living in the Åland Islands, Finland.


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Amazing! All is left is collection of different shadows :)


That's actually a good idea !


That's a wonderful resource. Already bookmarked! 🔖


Thank you, how kind of you !!


Awesome work here! Glad to see more dark modes across the web, and this one looks really nice.


Thank you so much Nathan !


Always had to google color codes. Thanks for this


Great improvement Michael. 👍