Do you need help applying a color palette? Post your link and let me help you.

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Hello everyone!

I am going o be free tomorrow and past tomorrow so I was thinking to give back to the Indie Hackers community, and show that I appreciate every single help I get.

First of all, I want you to know that I am not a professional UI Designer or a professional Web Developer, with this I mean that I am not working as this officially, only on my side projects. But I have painted since I was a kid, mostly cars...Tuned up...

The reason I am willing to do this is that fellow developers and designers said that they like my work, and this made me confident to provide.

You can see my work here:

Take into account that the process of choosing a colour palette it does not take 10 minutes,..but I will help you reach there on your side project or SaaS

Let's do like this, so we have some order on the post.

Write in this order...

  • Project Name and link, or link if you do not have a name.
  • Explain what your project does
  • Let me know where do you think you need help with regarding the colours.
  • If you have a preferred Color.

What do you get?

  • I will provide with a colour palette for your project.

  • The Hex code, obviously and where and how you should be using it.

Are you in? Come on, let's do this is going to be fun.

You can also hit me up on Twitter if you want to just talk to me.

*Disclaimer, it can take me up to two days to answer you guys if many wants help.

Have a good one!

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