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6 Font pairings for your next project.

michaelandreuzza profile image michael-andreuzza ・2 min read

Hello everyone,

while looking for some pairings for my side project I came across some nice font pairings that could definitely be put in use and I guessed I could share them with you.

You can get them all in Google fonts and other font pairings in Colors & Fonts, and import them from there, I would use variable fonts, but google variable fonts is still very fresh and there is no too many.

If you haven'tseen the post, I have put together a Figma file with font pairings, color palettes, gradients and color contrast, the ones from the site, ready to copy to Figma.

For those not using Figma get it from Git Hub.

Enjoy it.

The font pairings

Fira Code + Inter

Alt Text

Nunito + Halant

Alt Text

Domine + Oswald

Alt Text

Robot Slab + Open Sans

Alt Text

Ubuntu + Lato

Alt Text

Fjalla One + Open Sans

Alt Text

If you want to get more unusual font pairings you can get them here. After the redesign of the site, I will update the font pairings and include more options.

The newsletter...

I am putting together a new concept for the newsletter to start sending it soon, it will be sent twice a month, just like before.

This is how it works.

About The Content.

You will get 6 links related to interesting and curated UI design inspiration, the newest resources, tools and interesting articles around the web.

Design Inspiration.

The links about design can be from a la Dribbble to something to an article wroten that is related to digital design.


Newest and useful resources speed up your workflow with the newest, tools, plugins for Figma, Sketch, front end stuff, extensions, usable and relevant software.


The newest, interesting and relevant articles from the web about digital design.


I am constantly updating the website with new features and tools, I will let you know when that happens.

In the future, I will include free fonts also.

And if you are interested, you can subscribe here if you want to know when is coming out.

We are already more 700 subscribers if you want to know.

Thank you so much for the read.
Stay safe and have a great day

/Michael Andreuzza from

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Habdul Hazeez

First of all, a very big thank you for this. I really find this extremely useful because sometimes I find it challenging combining fonts (and colors). I have bookmarked your site and will take a full tour.

On a side note, I noticed something when I was subscribing to your newsletter.

I do have a popup blocker enabled in my browser, every time my mouse is focused in the form input, the popup blocker indicates that a popup has been blocked and ask me if I will like to allow it.

In the image below, I clicked inside the form input seventen times without typing anything.

Popup indicator as seen on

When the popup is allowed to open, it takes me to the page where I can enter my email address to subscribe to the newsletter.

But this is not the case when the popup blocker is disabled. I think you should take a look at this because something tells me I am not the only one with a popup blocker enabled and some of your subscribers might notice this at some point.

Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.

michaelandreuzza profile image
michael-andreuzza Author • Edited

Oh wow thank you so much for letting me know.
What a weird behaviour...
Did you press subscribe without an email?

I guess I have to look closer to that mailchimp looks even weird.

I will fix it tonight without a doubt I owe you one.

Thank you for bookmarking the site. When someone tells me they bookmarked it I let them know that there's an extension for chrome with the links to different more straight to the point...

Thank you so much again you the man.

ziizium profile image
Habdul Hazeez • Edited

Did you press subscribe without an email?

I tried this after reading your comment. Yes, a popup notification is displayed and if allowed redirects to the newsletter form on Mailchimp.

Mailchip form of

This is similar to clicking inside the form input when the popup blocker is enabled.

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michaelandreuzza profile image
michael-andreuzza Author

I really have to see how to fix that. That was really nice of you, thanks a lot.

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Habdul Hazeez

You are welcome.

kenbellows profile image
Ken Bellows

Heads up, I think you used the wrong link for your Chrome extension, that's a link to the dev console for extension publishers

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apstone profile image
Aaron Stone

This is great!

michaelandreuzza profile image
michael-andreuzza Author

Thank you Aaron !

wassimbj profile image

Thanks, this website could be so helpful too for just font pairing