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New Tailwind CSS blocks on Wickedblocks ( is 100% free ) a total of 72

Learning front-end and UI/UX design while working on and @WickedBlocks then I send a newsletter, for devs and designers
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Hello everyone!

I have been updating because, well it was time

So, what's new?

I removed classes that I was using for myself ( how dumb of to use them for the blocks, right? )

I redesigned these ones:

  • navigation
  • bars -
  • footers
  • auth
  • forms
  • pricing
  • footers

then I have added new components, sections and blocks.

  • sidebars
  • cards
  • alerts
  • stats
  • content

I will be adding more as mentioned.

Have a great day everyone and if you guys have any question just ask me here or twitter @ Mike_Andreuzza


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James W.
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michael-andreuzza Author

You are the man. Thank you James....

I just updated it.