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Now you can submit your side project on C&F.

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Hello everyone, long time no read.

So as the title says you can submit your side project on Colors & Fonts for developers and designers.

The thing is that I have been charging for a while, but now is completely free to submit, there's no point to charge for that, I guess everyone should be able to showcase their projects.

Anyways, if you are going to submit your project read this.


Submit a tool for web developers and digital designers. It can be your side project, or anything you think it will help.


Make sure every field is filled up with the correct information, this will speed up the process.

The image should not contain fine details or try to communicate a complicated message. Use Logos, icons, illustrations,...PNG or SVG.

I recommend using a logo. Because normally the other images are too difficult to understand when someone is skimming.

Do not have a logo? no problem...you can do this.
Put some up something on Figma, it should take two minutes. Make it SVG and put it on your side project. 4 minutes.

Every single link is reviewed and only the ones bringing real value will be added. If it gets approved, you will see it on the site if it's not you won't. Sites with a sea of ads, are not reviewed. Ask Mike on Twitter.

The pages where you can submit are this ones.

The Designers page.

Alt Text

The Web Developers page

Alt Text

Some of these projects might end up on a newsletter that I send on Tuesday filled with resources and articles for web developers and digital designers... There is around 1050/52 subscribers enjoying it now...I guess is good.

I am posting it here in DEV.TO after I wrote here so everyone sees what's new and what's not.

Have a great day and submit your stuff.


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