Cover image for Planing to Interview makers for C&F Discover. Are you in?

Planing to Interview makers for C&F Discover. Are you in?

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Hello everyone,

Maybe some of you know about my newsletter C&F Discover.

Is a free newsletter where I share a bunch of links to useful tools, assets and articles for web developers and digital designers, no matter if they just launch or have been a while around.

The newsletter is growing slowly but steady.

By now there is 1153 subscribers plus those that reads it on Substack, because you don't need to be subscribed to read it.

What's next?

Well I have been thinking to make interviews and send them on the newsletter.

I would be interviewing makers & designers once at month to start,and if it takes off properly twice month and so on until once a week.

This is just a thought that I had last night and I actually liked it.

Let me know what you think and if you are interested contact me on Twitter or simply let me know about it here.

Have a look to the newsletter here:

  • colorsandfonts.substack.com

There's 3 makers already in the queue!

Thank you for the reading and have a great day!

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HELLO. I am a self-taught front-end developer & UI designer from Spain/Italy, currently living in the Åland Islands, Finland.


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