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Tailwind CSS Garden.

michaelandreuzza profile image michael-andreuzza ・2 min read

Hello everyone!

So here we have a fun project that I wanted to work on for a long time ago.

Is called Tailwind CSS Garden and is inspired by CSS Zen Garden..

This is my example.

What is the point of this?

A demonstration of what can be accomplished with Tailwind. Many sees Tailwind like another framework, but is not. The CSS is simply ready written for you, just use the classes. Here you will see that there is huge room for differentiating yourself from the rest.

What are the rules?

You get the markup, without the classes, only the tags. Use your own styles, use the CDN or donwload it. This may seem "scary wooo" if you’ve never worked this way before, just follow the Tailwind's documentation.

Download the sample HTML to work on a copy locally. Once you are ready,.- don’t submit half-finished work. Upload your file to a web server that you can take care of. Like, Netlify, Vercel and so on. Then if it get's choosen I will let you know that I will need a link.


Downoad Tailwind CSS locally. Do not integrate it with any js frameworks, nothing. But you can definately use the config file and plugins. Change the font colors and so on.

Please, submit original artwork and respect copyright laws. Please keep objectionable material to a minimum, and try to incorporate unique and interesting visual themes to your work.

If have any questions, reach me out here or on Twitter

Have a great day !

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michael-andreuzza Author • Edited

This is not a post for you to sell your stuff.

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Aldo Mendez

Sure, I'll honor your point of view, as this is your post.

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