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Wicked Templates: Testing a new design for the templates.

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Hello everyone,

So I have been working on the templates on Wicked Templates and Jesus Abril on the back-end this week.

We are testing a standard design on the templates.

Instead to style them and use images we are using a standard design system.

So no matter what CSS framework we are using, the templates have to look the same, or very close to it.

The new design is simple.

It is simple because we want to make it easier for you to start working on your project.

The changes are.


  • Before, you use to get a variable font with the template and it was linked on a CSS file, some of them had images even.

  • Now, you will only get the HTML file, no variable font and no CSS file.

This is because the point of the templates is to give you a starting point and we should not decide what font you use, but I personally recommend INTER, because it easy to read.


  • Before we used colors and SVG images, well now is just a simple placeholder from Dummy Image.

  • Now, is just black and white, trying to use as less of black as a background as possible.

The buttons are just outlined with a hoover effect.


Before the templates come with INTER as a variable font.

Now, is just the frameworks font.


Underneath the footer, you will find a smaller footer with Wicked Templates logo and Twitter link.

If you want to see them.
Here are the links.

Templates Made With Bulma

Templates Made With Tailwind CSS

You are more than welcome to test the free sample and see how it goes.

Bristol - Free Template

Bootstrap 5 templates and components are coming soon too.

Thank you for reading the post, suggestions and feedback is always welcome.

Have a great day and take care.

Any questions send an email to wickedtemplates@gmail.com

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