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Michael Currin

Thanks for the links.

The part about not using Vue template on the frontend might make sense in certain cases like if you are making tables or you have SSR. But vue supports it and it means you can have a touch of vue to your site without rebuilding it as a SPA so it might still be worth it. Same goes for React and Preact especially. A SPA structure comes with safety but it also has a cost which is the point of the post.

What I meant by the module syntax is that I can use that to get the experience of writing JS tests and imports like in a SPA but without actually structuring as a SPA.

I have heard of Eleventy and Gatsby and others but haven't really tried them

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peerreynders • Edited on

But vue supports it and it means you can have a touch of vue to your site without rebuilding it as a SPA so it might still be worth it.

When using DOM HTML as a template you have to ship and execute runtime + compiler (93kB) rather than just the runtime (65kB) on the client.

When you use a build step to compile the template into a bundle you only need to ship the vue runtime to the client - this isn't the same as building an SPA. At the core of the original article is the notion that it should be a goal to ship and execute less JavaScript on the client.

The "Developer Experience" Bait-and-Switch

Any opportunity to complete work at build time that reduces the amount of code needed at runtime should always be taken.

Time and time again Rich Hickey's observation proves to be accurate: Programmers know the benefit of everything and the tradeoffs of nothing.

Many tools are adopted to enhance the "developer experience" while the potential negative consequences downstream are either ignored or downplayed.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I see the solution as quite easy.

Use *.vue file, with Parcel. It will internally use vue-template-compiler.

Do not put <template> tag inside Jekyll.

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Michael Currin

Thanks for sharing. I liked the video a lot.

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Chris Love

I it was pointed out earlier in this thread but there is a major misconception that SPAs are PWAs. A SPA can technically be a PWA, but honestly there is no justification for SPAs in the context of a well written PWA.
The service worker can eliminate the network latency, which means you can ditch the fat, out of shape, slow JavaScript that are popular fast food frameworks.

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Michael Currin • Edited on

I actually followed an approach without a template element so could have skipped the compiler.

I just added v-model etc. to plain html and setup new Vue(...) at the bottom.

Here was the work in progress before moving to SPA

I did use vue-markdown tag though which I guess needs the compilation.

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