re: [Updated] Simplify the require/import paths in your project and avoid ../../../ circles of hell VIEW POST


That's great. Vuejs has the same problem. I'm in trouble with that. But now I think it can be resolved by babel-plugin-module-resolver.
Thank you so much


Yeah, I'm sure it's pretty much the same config because vue uses babel to compile as well. If you have a .babelrc file in your project directory, you can put the config in there. Take a look at the github page of the plugin for more info.


If you're using the Vue webpack config, such as with SFC, it provides an alias you can use to reference files by absolute path (e.g. from '@/components/Button'). I've carried this convention into my React projects as it's really easy to setup without adding another dependency. Only downside is that it only works for webpacked files.

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