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I agree, to some extent. I've been a Microsoft technologist for 25 years, and understanding and keeping abreast of certain core technologies makes you very marketable. If I am interviewing someone, however, I would like to see some breadth with keeping up with the latest changes in the technology which often means new frameworks, COTS packages, databases, infrastructure. The other thing I look for in an interview is how well the developer can solve problems given to them and what is there approach at solving it. If they can solve it with their core skillset which i happen to be looking for, even better, but what I'm looking for is the interaction that takes place in solving the problem as well as the thought process. Also software is so much more than just a language these day. It's about design and architecture, testing, requirements processes, and delivery. I look for the developers understanding of the software process as well as the technical skill.

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